Southern Ocean Seasonal Cycle Experiment 2012: Seasonal scale climate and carbon cycle links

  • Sebastiaan Swart CSIR
  • Nicolette Chang CSIR
  • Nicolas Fauchereau CSIR
  • Warren Joubert CSIR
  • Mike Lucas University of Cape Town
  • Thato Mtshali CSIR
  • Alakendra Roychoudhury Stellenbosch University
  • Alessandro Tagliabue CSIR
  • Sandy Thomalla CSIR
  • Howard Waldron University of Cape Town
  • Pedro MS. Monteiro CSIR
Keywords: seasonal cycle, mixed layer depth, biogeochemistry

Author Biographies

Sebastiaan Swart, CSIR
University of Cape Town
South Africa
Warren Joubert, CSIR
University of Cape Town
South Africa
Alessandro Tagliabue, CSIR
University of Cape Town
South Africa


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